What to expect at your first visit...

To prepare for your first visit, please complete the comprehensive health appraisal form, medical history, and diet sheet you will receive by email or mail.

If you are seeking a comprehensive visit, including nutritional counseling, please bring this paperwork along with any medical records, copies of blood tests, any nutritional or herbal supplements, and medications you are currently taking. 

If you are seeking acupuncture and/or structural bodywork for pain relief then only the completed paperwork is necessary and only a short medical history is taken in the first visit.

The first visit takes an hour and a half, during which we will cover your medical history, discuss your current health concerns, and do a medical exam based on both Western and Chinese medical approaches. Follow-up visits are one hour.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we take the pulse, look at the tongue, and palpate various areas of the body to diagnose the origin of the source of the presenting complaint. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing.

Using Kinesiology and Medical Intuition we determine whether the origin of an illness is emotional, environmental, dietary, or structural. From here we are able to select acupuncture points, herbs, and/or supplements which treat the underlying cause of the imbalance, thus treatments can help balance the whole person.

At the conclusion of your first visit we will decide on a treatment plan that may utilize diagnostic laboratory testing, acupuncture, kinesiology, nutritional and herbal therapy, diet therapy, structural bodywork, exercise, and meditation/stress reduction techniques.