Conditions Treated

Healing must address Mind-Body-Spirit.

Common conditions that can be treated with Integrative Health Care:

Emotional disorders: depression, Bi-Polar, anxiety, Insomnia, ADHD, stress, fatigue, mood swings, memory loss, and prescription drug addictions.

Women's health: PMS, Dysmenorrhea, ovarian cysts, Endometriosis, chronic vaginitis, Osteoporosis, Menopause, pregnancy symptoms, Adrenal Fatigue, hair loss, anemia, and infertility.

Internal medicine: headaches, migraine, dyspepsia, intestinal dysbiosis and bacterial overgrowth, constipation, diarrhea, IBS, Acid Reflux, diverticulitis, Celiac disease, candida, parasites, ulcers, arthritis, thyroid imbalance, diabetes, vertigo, hemorrhoids, hypoglycemia, hypertension, cystitis, liver and gall bladder diseases, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and fibromyalgia.

Stagnation and body toxicity: chronic fatigue, chronic pain, inflammatory disorders, immune deficiencies, cancer recovery, post-surgical support, and health weight maintenance.

Allergies and skin disorders: asthma, eczema, hives, shingles, psoriasis, rosacea, food and airborne allergies, chronic immune problems, and chemical sensitivity.

Infectious diseases: common cold, flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, otitis media, hepatitis.

Muscular-skeletal pain: sciatica, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, hip pain, carpal tunnel, bursitis, tendonitis, piriformis syndrome, scoliosis, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, and neuralgias.