Contact Anna Thomsen

Anna Thomsen's Integrative Health Care is conveniently located in Monterey, California. To make an appointment, please call 831-375-4386 or email me at

Appointments are now offered both in-person and via telemedicine (phone or video call)!

While acupuncture and bodywork must obviously be done in-person, most other modalities are just as effective from a distance, including herbal, nutritional, and dietary counseling, and Functional Medical testing. Also possible is counsel and work with NET (neuro-emotional technique) for stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and other emotionally related imbalances, as well as coaching in acupressure, meditation, and exercises to enhance well-being for self-treatment at home (all from the comfort of your own home!). Please visit the Modalities page to learn more.

COVID policies: For in-office visits, I am currently accepting fully vaccinated patients and those with natural immunity through prior illness, yet masks will still be required in the office for the time being. Regardless, I will not be seeing acute cases of respiratory illness, and encourage these patients to get a COVID test if symptoms are applicable and to watch symptoms for 12 days before booking an appointment.

Insurance: I will no longer be billing insurance, but can provide a billing receipt to take to your insurance company if requested.

Payment methods: Cash, check, Venmo, or credit card.

Allergy-Free Office Policy: My office is an allergy-free zone. This includes perfumes and chemicals from scented lotions, hair products, and laundry detergents, even when labeled “natural.” Please reach out if you have questions.

Cost of visits for 2022:

Please be in touch for current appointment prices for in-office and video sessions: 831-375-4386 or

In an effort to encourage preventative care and give back to my community of patients, I am offering a sliding scale for low income and senior patients. I also offer discounts for treatments bought in bulk, and a substantial discount on supplements as incentives to come in once a month and get ahead of any issues. Extra visits are of course encouraged as needed to help de-stress or treat an imbalance.