“I have seen Anna for about 7 years, and I LOVE her. She has helped me with different ailments that no other medical professional could help with. She is so much more than an acupuncturist. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Anna!” ~Karina L.

"Anna is a life saver. I had elevated liver enzymes in a blood test that had the doctors puzzled. Over a period of 6 months my liver kept getting worse. The doctors did thousands of dollars worth of tests and couldn't diagnose it. Anna did an extensive medical history, kinesiology exam, and two functional tests. Anna changed my diet, gave me liver support herbs, and a series of acupuncture treatments. Within 3 month she had saved my liver and my blood tests were back to normal. Thank goodness for Anna Thomsen!" ~F.P

“I have been seeing Anna for about 1.5 years for environmental allergies, chronic fatigue, and fibromyalgia. Before starting treatments, I was tired all the time, had chronic sinus infections, couldn't go out and exercise and my digestive system was a mess. I felt like I had NO life! The first thing I appreciated about Anna is that she is a good listener. She pays attention to detail.We did acupuncture once a week, changed my diet, and took nutritional supplements. Now the constant tiredness is gone, my digestive system is happy and my sinus problems are 90% improved. I can go outside and exercise, visit my family, and even go camping. It has been wonderful to work with someone like Anna and actually feel progress being made with problems that I have had for my entire life.” ~S.F.

“I have been seeing Anna Thomsen for almost ten years. Without her, I would have never discovered my allergies to wheat and many other things that were causing me asthma and severe psoriasis. Not to mention the serious digestive issues I had been struggling with my whole life. Leaky gut, Candida, parasites, etc. With Anna's treatments, supplements, and diagnostic testing, I was on the way to repairing my sensitive system. Thanks to Anna my psoriasis is now completely gone, I can run 3 miles with no asthma, my digestion is more regular than it has ever been, and my sensitivities are growing less and less all the time. I absolutely give top notch recommendation to Anna Thomsen. She saved my life.” ~Jenny K.

“Oh, Lordy! She brought me back from hell. I had neck surgery and a chronic rotator cuff injury and then reinjured my neck and shoulder a couple of weeks after the neck surgery.Anna treated the pain and inflammation with acupuncture, sound therapy, and massage. Then after the pain had subsided, she introduced me to E-Exercises to get my strength and mobility back. The pain is gone and I have full rotation of my arm and shoulder and I can play the guitar again. She doesn't give up on you. I am so thankful.” ~R.M.

"I was diagnosed with essential tremors and didn't want to experiment with medication. With her kinesiology and intuition guiding her point selection, Anna decided to try using an acupuncture muscle-channel technique to move energy from the source of the tremor to my fingertips so that I could write legibly. She ran a Neuro-adrenal Stress test to see if nutritional supplements would be helpful, which gave significant results. She also gave me a nutritional supplement that supports the supply of dopamine to the brain to see if that would assist this type of tremor. We were both surprised when results came unexpectedly soon after with just the acupuncture and now I can write legibly most days without a visible tremor in my hand. ~S.W.

“I had "Hydro Thermal Abolation” in 2009 to diminish my severe monthly menstrual bleeding.  It was a great success … however, the symptoms of PMS, bloating, and cramping continued.  I was referred to you for acupuncture as a solution.  You carefully listened and began your intuitive and specialized care for me.  We timed my acupuncture within the week before my monthly cycle and I got immediate results.  I have maintained this monthly regimen and it has changed my life for the positive!  I no longer experience these monthly symptoms and it has been a huge relief.  I regularly share my experience with other women and hope they will seek out similar care. Thank you for your care and support over the last couple of years.  It’s my pleasure to be your client/patient." ~Amber

“Last week, after sneezing hundreds of times a day - literally for 3 days, I had an appointment with Anna. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to be still enough for her to insert needles. After using kinesiology to determine that I was having a reaction to a chemical, Anna placed some needles and told me not to worry, that I would not sneeze while on the table. Well, that was true. After my treatment, I was basically symptom free. No more sneezing and runny nose. It took about 3 days for my sinuses to totally heal, but all of the symptoms were gone! Truly amazing.” ~S.A.

"The first time I saw Anna, I was at the end of a major bronchial infection. I was exhausted and sick from antibiotics and prednisone. After one session, I felt lightweight, was breathing better, and felt a deep sense of relief." ~D.G. "Anna had the key to putting a cold stop to my hot flashes. I was enduring drenching hot flashes day and night every half an hour. Misery! Anna muscle tested for Chinese herbs and came up with a winning combination. In 2 weeks the deluge of water was over." ~R.M.

“I've been seeing Anna Thomsen professionally, and quite regularly, for about 10 years. She's helped me endlessly. During my first few visits, she diagnosed a digestive problem that no one had been able to figure out for many years. Since then, I've trusted her as my nutritional consultant, my pain relief specialist, and she's been there for emotional support. She took me through menopause without hot flashes or any other symptoms. She uses professional labs for testing blood, hormones, brain chemicals and stool before prescribing a carefully chosen natural regimen. My profession is also in the healing arts, and I've referred over 20 of my clients to her.” ~Sally B.

"Anna saved my life. My narcolepsy symptoms following a head injury have been greatly reduced. I feel more awake, balanced, focused, happy, efficient, organized, and clear thinking." ~A.M.

"For several years I have been seeing Anna for chronic fatigue, digestive problems and recovering from knee surgery. What impresses me most about Anna is her ability to diagnose using her multi-faceted knowledge of the body as it relates to nutrition, endocrinology, structure, organs systems and corresponding acupuncture points." ~D.G.

"When I first saw Anna, I had no energy and my anxiety was off the charts. Initially, I was afraid of the needles, but her gentle intuitive nature and patience led me to trust the acupuncture as it relieved my neck, shoulder, and back tension. It helped restore my bodies balance so that I could sleep again, free from pain, and feel more energetic and hopeful. She tested my hormones, adrenals, and neurotransmitters and with that knowledge and her kinesiology found the right supplements that my body would tolerate." ~S.M.

"I was diagnosed with bi-polar and customary drugs weren't making me better. Anna tested my neurotransmitters and saw that I had been misdiagnosed. She treated my depression and adrenal fatigue with specific supplements and there began my healing! Her kinesiology found that I also had food allergies and we started an elimination diet that made me feel so much better." ~J.J.

"Anna has been there for my family, treating us for the past 24 years. She has an analytical mind and healing heart, making her an outstanding Chinese medical practitioner. Years ago when I broke my leg in 3 places and was in a full leg cast, Anna used electrical acupuncture on my feet to increase circulation which hastened healing." ~D.B.

"When I was diagnosed with uterine cancer, Anna provided me with herbal teas weekly while I was at Stanford. They helped me mitigate the effects of full body radiation. Afterwards her acupuncture and herbal teas increased my energy level and strengthened my immune system. After removal of my parathyroid glands due to cancer many years later, Anna balanced my calcium intake with bone support supplements turning around a diagnosis of osteoporosis and maintaining my bone health." ~G.B

"Anna instantly impressed me with her calming demeanor and scientific approach to problem solving. Prior to beginning acupuncture, she recommended that we get to the root of the potential problem concerning my trying to conceive by running some functional medical tests which pinpointed some imbalances. Anna's findings were consistent with genetic tests that pinpointed a mutation on one of my genes that required mega doses of B vitamins to prevent spina bifida, miscarriage, and/or premature labor." ~G.C.

"I count on Anna to help me maintain my health and prevent any future illnesses. She integrates the physiological with the mental, emotional, and spiritual. There is no question I can't ask her and would recommend her to anyone wishing to maintain wellness." ~S.B.

“I have been a patient of Anna Thomsen since 2001 while undergoing chemo and radiation treatments for stage 3 breast cancer.  I have been fortunate to have acupuncture from several exceptional practitioners and Anna is not only an exceptional practitioner, I believe she is a healer.  She's compassionate, extremely knowledgable, and communicates clearly. Over the years she has prescribed herbs and supplements, ordered lab work, and has helped me understand the results of blood work, CT scans, radiation reports, etc. ordered by other medical practitioners/doctors. I trust her completely and have referred many family and friends to her. I am honored to be under her care.” ~La Verne B.

"Anna has healing hands. I feel she is responsible for my return to better health through acupuncture, nutritional supplements, dietary advice, and compassionate presence." ~M.Z.
"Anna has been my sole health professional for over 12 years because of her extensive knowledge, variety of skills, and exceptional ability to heal any imbalance. I have remained healthy and energetic without the need of a physician or medication and am extremely grateful." ~J.E.
"I have always benefited from our sessions because you remind me that I have a big part to play in my own healing. Without our sessions I would have taken more antibiotics and undergone more exploratory surgeries that were unnecessary. Thank you." ~C.G.H